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Lonnie studied Graphic Design and Illustration at San Jose State University. While at SJSU, he was recruited and hired as a graphic designer for a large Silicon Valley corporation. His passion for success led him to establish his own design company in San Jose, California, which attracted many top clients.

Lonnie’s brother Alberto, acquired a defunct magazine- “Lowrider” and Lonnie’s design skills were put to task on the magazine revival. 8 years later, Lowrider Magazine had grown into a top-ranked magazine, with 5 spin-off titles and record-breaking newsstand sales.

LRM gained international recognition as the #1 title in America's competitive automotive magazine category. Monthly newsstand sales reached over 230,000, far out pacing distant competitors like Road & Track and Hot Rod. To satisfy the demand, Lowrider was also published in Japan. LRM was sold to Primedia in 1997.

Lonnie joined Primedia as the Creative Director and Editor for the Lowrider Group. Lonnie directed an A-team of creative talent, leading the redesign of the Lowrider Group publications several times.






Lonnie is responsible for creating marketing themes, logos, promotions and publications, using his copywriting skills for covers, advertising campaigns and editorials.

In 2002, Lonnie and partners created BLVD Magazine, the nationally launched publication received praise for its unique editorial features and design style. Lonnie also created and managed content for large scale social media website projects.

Lonnie served as a creative consultant for Pixar Pictures 2006 #1 feature movie release "Cars." His company received recognition for creating BLVD and awarded Hispanic Business Magazine's 2002 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. He has design awards from Addy Awards and advertising associations.

Lonnie lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, developing his design business, focused on identity systems, advertising, marketing media, website design, landing pages, flash, publications and print media.